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Holiday Camps

We welcome young pianists of all levels. Spend a fun week with a team of enthusiastic piano tutors. Explore the instrument, developing your playing ability and confidence, having fun , making music & friends.

1 Slot: Tue 02 Aug -Wed 03 Aug. 9 A.M.- 12 P.M.~ £ 290 per slot

2 Slot: Tue 09 Aug -Wed 10 Aug. 9 A.M.- 12 P.M.~ £ 290 per slot

3 Slot: Tue 16 Aug -Wed 17 Aug. 9 A.M.- 12 P.M.~ £ 290 per slot

4 Slot: Tue 23 Aug -Wed 24 Aug. 9 A.M.- 12 P.M.~ £ 290 per slot

Group size: 3-6 pupil places.

Themes of the slots will include styles of music, and learn about the lives and achievements of major composers and performers . An engaging and exciting introduction to the history of music and its creators, from the first drum beat to electronica. Experience the sounds and rhytms.

On a journey around the world, you'll explore music from other cultures as well as:

  • developing your improvising skills
  • developing music listening skills
  • developing music illustrating skills

Piano session under the guidance of professional piano tutor will include:

  • Supervised Piano Practice
  • Rhytm Exercises
  • Child Friendly Music Theory
  • Improvisation
  • Ensemble playing

A range of fun activities:

  • Musical Puzzles & Games
  • Dot-to-Dot & Maze
  • Drowning & Colouring
  • Face Painting & Drowing
  • Role Play & Karaoke
  • Movement & Dancing

This offer will finish on the 05 August 2016.

Hurry up! Limited Places Available .

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